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Gemilang Group is dividing into three different divisions which are Poultry, Automotive and Creative. Gemilang Poultry is the first division that starts the development of Gemilang Group. In Gemilang Poultry we are distributing full range of poultry equipment and spare parts. Gemilang Poultry also have a Professional Technician for Poultry that have experience more than 10 years in the fields and ready to serve our customers.

Gemilang Automotive is distributing several well known brands with high quality of products for motorcycle and car accessories such as Givi, Nolan, Hapro, The Treatment, Spidi, etc. While the Gemilang Creative is dealing with anything about design such as branding, logo designs, CD interactive, etc. This creative division is actually a strategic branding and design firm. In Jakarta, we have been operating with fully dedication to build deeply a distribution experience with clients and have been serving many potential markets. Besides distributing the best brand from all over the world, we also provide fully services by our experienced sales person and technician from installation up to the maintenance. Our company will always try to provide our customer with the best quality of product and services.
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